Monday, October 4, 2010

A theme week

I am very excited for what I have planned this week. I want to share with all of you the changes I have been making in my beauty regimen. Some of the reasons I have made these changes is for the simple fact of being intrigued when I read that people were making and using homemade shampoos, deodorants, face wash, and so on. A lot of people make the change for safer ingredients. This is important to me also but it was not the primary reason. I have found these methods to be very cost efficient and I am extremely pleased with (most of)the results. If you don't think these methods will work for you at least store the recipes with your food storage information. It will provide the proper information you may need for those time of emergencies. Or you can just simply give them a try- I was even skeptical at first about some things. Stay tuned for more great info!!

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