Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Photo Credit: Cleanse and Detox Lifestyle
When I think of staying hydrated I relate it to the summer time.  Due to that common knowledge and living in desert climates I think I naturally keep myself hydrated during those hot months.  I was a little surprised when about two weeks ago I started to feel a little -extra- worn out and started to get more frequent headaches.  To me this was a sign of dehydration.  I started to increase my intake of water and make some changes and am feeling better.  Just because summer is slipping away doesn't mean it is time to put the water bottle away.

Here are some tips that I have learned/re-learned and followed from an amazing post at Keeper of the Home:

::Our bodies become dehydrated over night so in the morning is the best time to start our re-hydrating process.

::It is recommended that you drink half of your body weight in ounces.  It is recommended that we try to drink of our recommended ounces by mid-morning.

::Wake up with warm lemony water (I have been doing this, not enjoying it but doing it and I like the results- a lot!).  This is actually a good cleanse for your body, prepares your digestive system for food, and helps to alkalize your body.  I bring about 12 oz. of water to just warm in a pot, poor into a mug, and add 1/2 of a squeezed lemon and a little honey.  It is better, for me, once it has cooled down a bit.

::Drink between meals.  When you drink with a meal- a very natural thing- it affects your digestive juices.  Which in return can make it slower and less effective.  Which interferes with your bodies absorption to nutrients.

::Avoid plain tap water- this has been easy for me since I was a kid.  Use purified.  Still not sure what is the best but we have a place here that we have trusted for years or from the Health Food Store's Reverse Osmosis system.

::Store your water smartly.  My preference, Klean Kanteen.

Go drink up- stay hydrated even if you don't feel dehydrated.  You don't want to get to that point because it is no fun and water really is good for you.


  1. Good advice. My step-father, Paul, used to drink hot/warm lemon water every morning. Interesting.

  2. I just read that the other day about drinking half your body weight in ounces. I'm sure I don't even come close. I think I might try the warm water/lemon thing in the mornings....

  3. Great blog! I have not drank with my meals in 8 1/2 years- I love it and feel so much better.

    I will need to try the lemon thing in the am. I do the Sole mix... I wonder what I should do first.

    -Oh shoot... this is Meghan... I am on mom's blog, yes I'm setting her a blog up. She knows- I'm helping her :)

  4. I work for a gastroenterologist and he only drinks room temp. water bottles, which I thought was interesting. The cold does something to the digestive system...darn,I don't just like mine cold, I like it with ice.

  5. I tried to look over the room temperature water in my research because I too have to have mine ice cold. One step at a time. :) Thanks for sharing.