Saturday, October 9, 2010

Misc. and the end, for now

Some other things I use:
local homemade soaps
coconut oil as a lotion, face moisturizer, etc.
coconut oil as a smoothing agent for hair

Things I want to try or have read about:
Using coconut oil as a hair gel
Making hair spray by boiling a lemon in water
Learn to make my own soap

I love the fact that I can use things I have in my home already and to know that most of these things are edible makes me feel so much better about using them on my body.

I have seen a great change in my skin with these changes I have made.  I have always had sensitive skin that reacts to the elements.  All four of my children have inherited a fraction of the skin problems I have.  We do have a water softener that helps us but since I have been bathing the kids less often and using better products on their skin none of them have had any problems.  Even during teething times, which was always when they would have bad flare ups. 

I also believe that what we put into our body makes can make a big difference too.  Making sure we get all of our vitamins through foods, eating the rainbow, taking cod liver oil, staying hydrated, etc.  All these things work together as a team to have better manageable hair and skin.

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  1. Just reading the words "Cod Liver Oil" made me gag! My parents used to make us eat that if we said a bad word. I think I will stick with my other fish oil in a capsule! You're brave :)