Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A hair product update

Things have been busy around here but I just wanted to share a few changes in our hair care that I have really liked. 

We have really enjoyed using the baking soda paste.  I pour some baking soda into a container and then add a little distilled water so that it is a paste.  This is easier to apply for the kids hair and feels better then dumping cold water on their head. 

Another thing we have done is a lemon rinse.  I can't remember the ratios exactly and I am sure you could play around with it to suit your own needs.  I squeezed half a lemon into our squirt bottle then added warm water.  The ratios were probably something like 4 parts water 2 parts lemon. I love the lemon rinse as an in between kind of hair cleaning. 

Have fun experimenting!!

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