About Me

My name is Mary Kathryn.  I was born and raised in Tennessee, the youngest of five children.  I have two older brothers that I have looked up to as my protectors since I was little, two older sisters that I consider to be my best friends, and the best parents you can find.

At 18 I fell in love with a guy from Seattle, followed him across the country, and married him shortly thereafter.  Within a year we were headed to Southern Utah to live “for just a little while”.  Seven years and four kids later we are still here.  We have become very acclimated to the weather and work just seems to keep us here, at least for now.

I have three girls that keep me busy with their prissiness and their mischievousness.  My little man rounds up the last of them and so far he has proven to be a mild mannered, patient fella.

I love being a wife and a mother.  It is what I have always wanted to be and I feel lucky to be fulfilling my dream.