Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life, All better, and Birthday's

Things are getting all mixed up around here.  My comment about loving how life can get in the way came back to get me. :)  I still love how life can change things just makes things you plan take a different route. 

The rest of us ended up getting sick.  Luckily for the last two (my almost three year old and me) it only lasted for a less then a day.  We are all better now and on to our month of birthdays.  I have my oldest three are all girls and the first birthday will be my little girl turning three on Saturday.  Next Saturday will be my daughter that is turning seven and then a week and three days later my other daughter will turn six. 

Do not ask me what was nine months away from this time of year because I honestly have no clue.  It's just the way things worked out.  I have been mildly "stressed" out these past few weeks thinking about these birthdays.  We have finally got all the themes, activities, etc. planned out and now it is just the following through part. :)  Hopefully all my grand --I use this word lightly-- plans will work out and I can share some things on here. 

I have to say I am a minimalist and I have always been known to alleviate stress from my life even if that means just not doing something.  Having an elaborate birthday party is not for me- although I do think they are great.  Quite frankly- time, money, and three birthdays within three weeks just doesn't allow it for now.  Crossing my fingers for everything falling into place and the few little things I do have planned will be magnificent enough all on their own. 

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