Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the mean time...

I want to share some of my green smoothie tips.  Now I will admit- we do NOT drink a quart of green smoothie everyday.  Oh I wish we did.  Sometimes I really just get sick of them and/or run out of time to make them.  My kids kind of got burned out on them which I am fine with because they eat enough raw vegetables on their own I am not worried about the health factor.  It is nice to take a break- especially for a little kid- before they detest the food for life.

I do have some tips that make the green smoothie easier to prepare and alleviating that excuse...

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The best thing about smoothies is most everything you put in it can be stored in the freezer. I keep my box/bag of spinach in the freezer.  It goes from the store straight in the freezer.  If we have some in the refrigerator that we are using for salads and have quite a bit left before it goes bad we stick it in the freezer- no wasting! -- Kale can also be frozen just wash, pat dry, and store in a bag.

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I have been drinking my lemon water every morning lately and instead of throwing the peel away after I juice it I just cut it up and put in a bag.  These too can be stored in the freezer.

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Our freezer has been stocked of berries for quite some time.  We keep strawberries and then a mix of marionberries, raspberries, and blueberries on hand- I get them from Costco.  I can't wait to get some fresh berries this summer to freeze.

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I buy bananas in large quantities and let them ripen a bit then cut them all up and store in one big bag (thanks mom).  I was storing them one banana per bag but the new method saves on having to buy so many bags.  I am not a calorie counter so I just add as much banana that I want to each smoothie.  I think it ends up being about half a banana.

I have recently taken it all one step farther.  I will make a few big batches of smoothies.  Then pour the smoothie in a one quart glass jar with a plastic lid and store it in the freezer.  I did some testing on the expansion and all those things you hear and fear about.  Mine have never expanded too much nor have I ever had the jars break.  It is a great way to have smoothies on hand always.  This morning I set my smoothie on the counter and by lunch time it was drinkable.

Even though we may not get our daily dose I do think that smoothies are the greatest way to change your health around.  It helps you consume more raw vegetables in an efficient way rather then trying to chew them up and eat them.  If you haven't tried one yet- do!  My main smoothie recipe is here but you can always play around with whatever greens and fruits you like.

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