Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's Menu Plan

Don't get too used to me sharing menu plans a month at a time.  This will probably be the last month of meal plans and I will go back to more of a weekly planning.

Last month we had some changes come about and a lot of the meals have been pushed to this month- hence the main reason I planned the whole month already.  We ate from our pantry and fridge for the majority of January.  Keeping things simple and easy.  It was nice and refreshing but there is just something about a well orchestrated meal that I have been craving.

I am using this first week to get my house re-stocked of things.  My freezer is needing beans, pizza dough, marinara sauce, energy bars.  My refrigerator is needing tortillas and green smoothies.  I have some treats planned to make and have in the freezer/refrigerator so that when the sweet tooth comes this month I will reach in there first.  Being in the kitchen all day everyday preparing this week will mean dinners may remain simple for awhile longer.

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Also this month we have two birthdays so those days will be set aside for meals of choice for the special birthday girls.  I am hoping their choices will help my brain get motivated and give me the chance to re-create some meals into healthier options.  Although- these two favorite foods are salads and raw vegetables. 

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Sunday meals have turned into crockpot meals or something that can be cooking while we are at church.  When we get home from church it is nearly dinner time and the kids are ready for a meal.  We will most likely have a salad when we get home and then the hot meal at the appropriate time.  I am also going to utilize as many soups as possible since our warm weather is coming and we want to take advantage of a bowl of warm soup on a cooler evening.  I can hardly wait to have my chicken tortilla soup and try a new recipe from Nourishing Days.

Other meals planned:
Spaghetti Squash with Tomatoes, Basil, and Parmesan
Chicken Nuggets
Stir fry

Meals that didn't make it last month:
Perfect Enchilada's
Sloppy Joe's in a Bowl
Homemade Pizza
Southwestern Taco Pizza
Hamburgers with sweet potato fries

Depending on how the first week of prep goes will depend on the remainder of the meals.  I do have some things jotted down such as potato pancakes, grilled pizza, and a dessert.

And of course my favorite holiday is this month- it is tradition that it is my husband's job to make dinner.  We do have a couple of Valentine standards and I think I need to make sure they happen this year- they are so yum, stay tuned!

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