Monday, February 7, 2011


We finally got the illnesses that have been going around.  I think we got pretty lucky compared to what others had.  Only two of my kids got sick and only with fevers.  I say only because I rejoice in the fact there was no throwing up or major coughing going on through the night.  Our cure for a fever- let it work its way out.  It is obviously a way of our body telling us there is something going on.  My two that were sick did a lot of sleeping, resting, and drinking water.  We took a few natural remedies to help in the dire times of that feverish discomfort. 

Due to this hiccup last week I did not get any of my preparing done (except cooking the rest of the beans I had which are now almost gone) and did not get to expand on some upcoming posts.  Now I am playing catch-up with the laundry and cleaning, my family blog, and trying to find that energy that I think walked out the door when I had my third kid. :) 

I love when life gets in the way-- truly I do.  I sat and looked at my three girls last night (little guy was off entertaining himself) and told them how much I love them.  Despite the melt downs, lack of listening, mischievous behavior.  The good out weighs the bad and they are growing up into -fun- young ladies.

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