Saturday, February 19, 2011


I believe health to be a sensitive topic.  Kind of like religion and politics.  People have their own strong views that they support and at times could be considered "stuck in their ways".  I believe these kind of things are what makes us who we are.  Life would simply be boring if everyone was the same.

These past few years I have really tried to learn more about healthy eating.  There are so many people out their with strong opinions.  I am also grateful that I am able to take all these different opinions, methods, and use it for my family.  Forming my own opinions and ways to be stuck in.

I was going through my list of bookmarked "Health" pages the other day and realizing the great variety of things I learn/read about weekly.  No dairy eaters, liver eaters, no meat eaters, no grains, soaked grains, raw milk and cheese, no eggs, organic pastured eggs, no sugar, fermented foods, no yeast, etc. etc.  There are seriously so many things out there you can do to make your health better and everyone's opinion on what they should do will be different.  I may not be an expert on all these things but I love reading what others are doing.  I believe one day it will all come to great use for me but for now it is more of a fascination and has helped me make some great changes for our family.

So for you- take something and change it.  Figure out what would work best for your family.  Take one step at a time in bettering your health and your families health.  It really isn't a hard task you just need to figure out what you want and get it. 

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