Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My frist step....

was to make my own shampoo.  This was a big step for me.  I have always washed my hair everyday.  I have very thick and generally greasy hair.  Daily maintenance is what I always thought best.  A while ago I started washing my hair every other day.  I found that it was much easier and saved me an hour and a half from fixing my hair or making an excuse and just throwing it up everyday.

When I came across these other methods on how to clean hair I knew I had to give it a try with me liking homemade, frugal, better for you kind of things.  Everything I read warned that you would have a 2 week detoxing period.  While your hair tried to strip and rid of all the previously used chemical based hair products.  It took my hair about 3 weeks to get to where it wasn't tangled and dry feeling.  I had great results for a few weeks but have recently had a set back.  Not sure what is going on but my hair just can't seem to whip back into shape.  I haven't had my hair thinned out in awhile and that may be a big part of it.  I am not giving up and am continuing to research other options.

Even with my set back I still recommend this for the fact that I did have success for a little while and all three of my girls hair is responding great to this method.  I continue to wash my hair every other day- or even an extra if I know I am not going anywhere- and I wash my kids hair maybe twice a week.

The recipe I use now:

I get a 4 cup mixing bowl and fill it an 1/8 the way with baking soda then I fill it up with warm purified water.  Sometimes I add Rosemary and sometimes I add a few drops of essential oil.  I store it in an old and cleaned out shampoo bottle.  Sometimes we squirt it on our hair, sometimes we dump it.

Video on how to make Shampoo from the blog I got the recipe from.

Other great posts I have read and been inspired by:
Nourished Kitchen- GMO free personal care
Nourishing Days- "how to avoid toxins"

Follow these links to learn more for yourself.  I continue to find new things and will share my experiences along the way- even the non-successful ones.  What doesn't work for me could work for someone else. 

How great a knowledge is it that baking soda can clean your hair in a time of need.  I love the simpleness of it!!


  1. I am excited for all your tips! I have been trying to make a few things this last month from scratch and am having a hard time finding some of the ingrediants. I use Baking soda and water a lot, I wonder what the distilled water does to it. It always makes my hair feel so nice and soft!

  2. I've never tried making my own shampoo, but I'm a once a WEEK hair washer. I have been for a long time. My hair is so thick that it takes almost all day for it to dry. I can't handle that more than once a week.