Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Second step....

This is another big one for me.  Face wash.  I tend to have light breakouts here and there.  Usually once a month.  I have religiously washed my face morning and night since I was a kid and not always using that great of a product.  When my sister came to visit this summer she made mention of using castor oil and olive oil to cleanse her face.  I thought that was kind of weird and since she has the better skin of the two of us I figured it just wouldn't work for me. 

Then, I changed my mind.  I came across the website for The Oil Cleansing Method and I was convinced that it was at least worth a try- and to be able to give myself a mini facial each night.  Heck why not!?

I bought a small glass jar from the health food store for about $1, I put less then half of castor oil in and fill the rest with olive oil.  Each night (yes, I am still doing every night but have skipped a few here and there which is probably even more beneficial for you) I pour a little of the oil in the palm of my dry hand, I gently massage it into my face for a couple of minutes focusing on some problem areas (nose, chin).  I turn the water on to fairly warm, wet a wash cloth, then cover my face with the warm wash cloth as the steam continues to cleanse my face and wipe away the oils.  I repeat the washcloth step two more times.  I rub in any extra oil that may be on my face- which usually isn't any- and that's it no need to pat dry.  In the morning I simply rinse my face and will sometimes put a light layer of coconut oil on as a moisturizer.

If I can do this you can- it is a huge money saver and leaves you with great results!  Especially having three girls- this will save the wallet in the future.

Once again, please follow the link as it gives more information on the benefits and procedures.  And by all means do your own research.


  1. I'm so glad you love this! You owe me credit ;)

    I think this is such a good method- makes sense and it works!!!

  2. It is even working for me - now that I am doing it right. :>) Putting it on a dry face is essential.