Saturday, May 29, 2010

"I'm hungry"

My goal for this summer is not to hear those two words constantly.  I am going to do the best of my abilities to make sure those little bellies have healthy nutritious things put in them all day for meals and snacks.  I also want to make sure that things are readily available for them to grab.  I started this little process this afternoon.  Making a few of our favorite-healthy treat/snacks.  I wasn't able to make everything I wanted but it is a start and Monday is a new day.

Some things I made:
Coconut bread with coconut flour
No-bake chocolate crispies
Peanut butter balls
Smoothie (but that was gone by the end of dinner)

Other things I plan on:
Cut up celery with possible peanut butter
Mini cucumbers- I get these from Costco the girls think they are the funnest thing
Peanut butter and crackers with pickles
Chicken roll-ups
Rice cakes with peanut butter (I am a fan of peanut butter)
Homemade energy bars
Better for you trail mix
And lots of other fruits and vegetables washed and ready to grab

These are just a few.  I am going to keep you in suspense for recipes and pictures.  I have been busy and plan on staying busy as long as I don't get the, "I'm hungry, I'm starving, I didn't get enough to eat, Can I have something to eat, Feed me!!" Every 5 minutes for the rest of the summer.


  1. what is your homemade energy bar recipe?

  2. That's definitely a good plan! I hear that phrase in a whiny voice very often:) I'd also like to know what your homemade energy bar recipe is!

  3. YUM! Thanks for all the good ideas. I really need to go get that puff rice stuff to make those crispy rice things.

  4. Here is me... in suspense! I want to try the coconut bread!