Thursday, July 1, 2010

My little sprout

For some reason I was so proud of my little short grain brown rice that I sprout.  I have had some failed attempts on sprouting beans, fermenting a sourdough starter, and such that I was nervous about this supposedly easy process.  The reward was big for me and I was ecstatic to make a pot of brown rice with my freshly sprouted rice to go along with a taco salad.

It was a fun process- one I will let the kids join in on next time (I didn't want to disappoint anyone the first go around).  I couldn't tell a difference in the taste- the texture seemed fluffier and softer- but the nutritional benefit outweighed anything else and the fact that I was just tickled pink to achieve these results.

I followed the instructions from sprout people and can't wait to try something else.

Here is the link for sprouting, short grain brown rice.

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