Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homemade Frozen Strawberries

Okay so they aren't really homemade- if we grew them in our garden then I would be able to say they were homemade.  This is simply price comparing.  Sometimes a bag of frozen strawberries is much cheaper then fresh strawberries- sometimes fresh strawberries are much cheaper then frozen ones- sometimes we have eaten too many strawberries and right when I buy a new big box from Costco the family is burned out.  I got a tip from a friend on what to do when you find yourself in that situation.

        -Pat your strawberries clean
        -Cut the stem off
        -Place on a pan that is lined with freezer or wax paper
        -Put in the freezer. When frozen put in a freezer bag and you have yourself
         "homemade" frozen strawberries or just a frugal tip.


  1. Those look really good! That is the cheapest way to have strawberries all year..