Saturday, June 19, 2010


The week is over.  This one got the best of me.  We really didn't have too much going on but between what we did- golf camp, haircuts, scheduling errands between naps, and such- I am just plain tuckered out.  I did manage to squeeze in a treat- not so healthy treat.

This is one reason why I try not to watch foodnetwork but I happened to stumble upon it last week right when this dessert was being made and the girls and I decided it was a must.  It uses a brownie mix which I was okay with because I am out of white flour and I didn't want to buy more just for this.  There are always ways to make things healthier and this is no exception but if you allow yourself to make it this way first and have a taste please do- it's oh so yummy!!

My changes:
I used mini chocolate chips in the brownie batter and semi-sweet for the ganache/top chocolate layer.  I wish I would have done a thinner chocolate layer on top- maybe I will have to make it again to try that out. :)

If you have never tried caramel ice cream you are in for a treat.  I thought gross so I bought both kinds (we made two batches to share as a thank you with some friends) but I liked the caramel batch better.

The strawberry topping wasn't a big hit.  Take your own spin on it and enjoy!

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