Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Healthier Eating Habits

In the past year I have been transforming my families eating habits to being healthier.  We aren't full on health nuts- we still have our treats and out to eats every so often.  One step at a time is my motto about this and we are all on different levels.

One of my biggest accomplishments is that I gradually switched from regular peanut butter to natural peanut butter.  My kids haven't even noticed - but there are times that I miss JIF.

I got my jump start from Greensmoothiegirl.com and her 12 step program. 

We were already hard red wheat eaters (that's actually the base of our food storage at this point).  We did add soft white wheat to give us a closer feel to the white flour that we like for cookies and so forth.

Next was to replace refined sugars.  We use molasses, agave, local honey, and sucanant.  Of course any sweetener is recommended to use in moderation but to make the switch is a great step.

Fats we use are extra virgin coconut oil, organic butter, and extra virgin olive oil.

Other tips for the baking area is aluminum-free baking powder, cage free organic eggs, and sea salt.

I do keep a small stash of sugar, white flour, and butter on hand for my every so often treats and splurges.  Like I said- we are not die hards here.  I have chosen to make a few gradual changes in our eating choices and have been very happy with the results.

The only reason why I explain this to you is because I have found some great recipes that incorporate these "better for you" ingredients that are really good and I don't want you to be intimidated by new ingredients.  Go to your local health food store look for the bulk bins and buy in small quantities -if needed- to get you started.  I think you will be surprised how you can fit it into your budget.

Now that I have said that- don't judge me when I post a completely unhealthy recipe.  I don't claim to be perfectly healthy just a homemaker.


  1. seriuosly you are awesome! i wish i was as dedicated as you are. i guess i just have to get my mind set and do it. going healthier is deffiently a must need in the future. keep it up! and i love the idea of the mom blog its awesome

  2. Love it. . . and you too! When I grow up I want to be like you! OXOXOX

  3. What a great site! If there is anyone I trust to give advice on being a wife and mom it is you!

  4. i am excited to get new ideas for baby food, and healthy eating...we've tried, and are trying again to eat healthier!!