Saturday, April 10, 2010

First foods

I will start at the beginning with the baby food- it will be hard to hold back since it can be so easy- and mostly rewarding.

Starting solids- when baby is ready.  Meaning- showing interest when you eat, can sit up, etc. I rushed my first two into solids but got smart with the last two and held off as long as possible (or in my case the Dr. said they need solids- eh!).  Between 4-6 months is the recommended ages but I have known people to do earlier and much later- and I will leave it at that.

The first baby food I give my babies- besides the organic commercial rice cereal (for the iron)- is avocado! Yum!  Avocado is a great first food.  It offers a nice healthy fat creating an amazing brain food, easy to digest, and high in calories. 

--Make sure you wash your avocado before cutting into- you don't want to cut any pesky germs right into this wonderful creation you are providing for your baby.  --Scoop out the "meat" and toss it in the blender with water to provide the appropriate consistency for your tiny little one- or older infant.  --Blend blend blend once again reaching the appropriate consistency.  

If you make a lot take advantage of your trusty ice cubes and pour it in there.  Once it freezes toss it in a freezer bag and wahlah you have yourself individual servings that you can heat up when needed.

Another first food recommendation is bananas but I wait awhile on those.  My reasons: too sweet and constipating.

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