Thursday, April 8, 2010

How I clean

I was tired of the strong chemical smell of cleaning products- I was tired of using brands that I thought were safer only to find out they weren't- I was just plain fed up with my cleaning rituals.  Until one day I sat down with a marvelous book that my mom had given me years before.  That's when it began-- with this book and this book hand in hand I transformed my cleaning to a more natural, safe, and cheap experience.

The main ingredients I use for cleaning are:
White distilled vinegar
Baking Soda
and good 'ole water

I do have to say that it takes some getting used to the smell of vinegar.  I have become accustomed to it. However, my husband is fed up with it so I now keep a bottle of Seventh Generation, Fragrance Free, All Purpose Cleaner on hand for those ever so few moments that he gets the desire to clean.

So why vinegar?  Vinegar is an antibiotic.  Meaning it kills those pesky germs in a much safer way then Lysol or bleach.  It is natural and safe- you can drink it for goodness sakes!

Why baking soda?  Once again it is natural and mixed with vinegar can create an awesome foam germ killing action with a little extra scrubbing factor and you can ingest it too!

Why Borax?  You probably guessed it- yes it is natural.  It is a mineral that occurs naturally and is safe for the environment.  However, you do need to be a little more cautious while using this around babies.  Sometimes you do need something a little stronger to get parts of your home clean. It also serves as an antibiotic and deodorant.

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