Sunday, April 11, 2010

The cleaning basics

In my books (Super Baby Food and The Vinegar Book) they give specific ratios of what to use for certain cleaning surfaces.  When I started making my own cleaner I had a few different bottles for all the different things and it was kind of a pain.  I shortly came to the conclusion that a basic 1:1 ratio would work just fine in my house.  So that is simply what I do.  Fill my spray bottle half way with water and top it off with white distilled vinegar.  If my kitchen counter, bathroom counters, or tubs need a little extra scrub I simply sprinkle borax or baking soda on them and then spray my cleaning solution and scrub away.  I have even used the same cleaning solution to clean my couch.  I haven't yet had any problems but do be mindful that you should not use vinegar on granite.

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  1. I just want you to know that I am reading your blog and following it. :) I love it!!!