Monday, January 3, 2011

Learning to Love my Laundry

Back in the day when we were first married I loved doing laundry.  Having a completely empty laundry basket absolutely thrilled me.  Even once we had our first child I still enjoyed having my one day for laundry. getting everything folded and put away.  I did laundry twice a week- one day was for clothes the other day was for sheets.  It was blissful.

Now-- I dread it.  I am amazed that all three of our laundry baskets seem to constantly be overflowing.  I usually get ahead of my self and wash and dry more loads then I have the energy to fold and put away, or maybe someone gets sick which adds a few more loads all in itself getting farther behind, or whatever the case may be the laundry just isn't getting done and when it is it's done grudgingly.

Lately I have felt the need to get over this hatred.  The chore of doing laundry will always be there.  We are a family of six.  We have our daily clothes, p.j.'s, work clothes, work out clothes, sheets, towels, spilled something on this outfit have to get a new one.  We have linens that have to be cleaned- and for that luxury I am thankful.

I have laid out a plan for me these past few weeks on ways to start to love my laundry.

1. Two loads a day (excluding Sundays)- to stay on top of things.  I have found out that two loads seem to be the max I can do and get it done right.  It is necessary to do laundry daily.  You never know what challenges are going to be thrown your way and having a lower level of laundry gets you ahead of the game.

2. Wash, dry, fold/hang, put away that day.  This is a no brainer- simply following through with that task makes a world of difference.

3.  Decorate laundry room and keep clean.  I have found some cute projects and vinyl that I want to put up.  The laundry room can tend to be the dropping place for things not to mention the kids crafts are stored in there.  Keeping the area clean will make it more pleasing to want to go in there.

4.  Get everyone on board.  We need to have a family understanding that at this time this is important to mom.  Word of encouragement and following through with your end of the deal like getting all clothes in hampers will be very much appreciated.

Things to get over/and other thoughts:

::Chances are we won't get to re-wear things very often.  The kids clothes usually get too dirty.  Our jeans get washed with every wear due to mess.  I see this as living- I used to literally stress over my kids getting dirty because I wanted them to re-wear a pair of jeans.  I have let that go.  Now if I get after them it is because spot treating can be so time consuming.  One more battle to overcome.

::I do the laundry- even though I have a grudge towards it.  I like it that I do the laundry.  The times my husband has done it have been in times of dire need and quite frankly, I like it that way.  I like to be appreciated for a job well done and for his times of helping me to be ten times more appreciated.

::My kids may not do things the same way that I do.  My girls are responsible for putting their own clothes away.  They need to learn that it is an important task (as do I) and if there basket sits in their room for a few days I need to deal with it and let them learn on their own.  And if they don't put their clothes away the way I would have I also need to just get over it.

Facing your fears is the first step right?  I am excited to love my laundry and hope I can keep it up!  What are your feelings about laundry and what kind of things do you do to love it?


  1. I have been doing two loads a day for about six months and it has helped me a lot. I also have M and T, with my help, put their own away. I used to care how it was folded and go fix it, but I gave up on that when I realized it was rude, and that it really didn't matter as long as they weren't just throwing it in there. I actually have Maddie fold all her own. and T I help him learn how to put it away!

    I really can't wait to have my own laundry room!! My laundry hall just isn't cutting it!!

  2. You know I love laundry (weirdo that I am). I prefer to do 2 days of laundry b/c that's just the way I've always done it. I fold all the clothes on my bed and it kind of takes over my bedroom so I find that it's best for me to only do it 2-3 times a week. I have to pick days that I can get it all done (which means I have to be home most of the day). I make my kids put their clothes away and I don't want them to have to do it every day (it just wouldn't happen)...I would feel like a nag if every day I had to say "put your clothes away". Kelly often throws a load in himself but it's usually just his sweaty workout clothes so it's not a big deal if they stay in the dryer for a couple of days until the next laundry day comes around. I did teach Kyler how to do the laundry 2 (or 3) summers ago and Kierstyn learned last year. Important skill for them to learn! They do it some in the summer; I think this year I need to give them more responsibility in that area. It's just that I have a hard time giving up the one chore I actually like to do. :)