Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's

Brand new year, fresh start, fresh posts starting in the 100's, and everyone is bustling around making goals.

I like January 1st.  I think it is fun to start a new year especially the year being 2011- my husband and I laugh at movies that talk about the future and give out a date that has already past and yet we don't have floating houses or flying cars- to my knowledge. 

I tend to not make resolutions or at least not refer to them that way.  If I am going to set a goal for myself I typically like to start the day I have the thought.  However, we do sit down as a family New Year's Eve and talk about the things we would like to do to improve ourselves this next year.  Some of the things my kids said this year- 6 year old: homework--  5 year old: clean up after self--  2 year old: go potty aka potty training time (we were pretty impressed with her suggesting this one- sounds like she made a goal for me too!)

There have been a few things I have been thinking about and have already started working on for myself.  I plan on sharing those things with you this week and am pretty excited about them.

Happy New Year to you all- hope this one is better then the last.

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