Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do as I do not only as I say.

A few months ago I made my older girls a chart of the tasks they need to complete through the day- with the majority being done before school.  They were having a hard time doing the simple required things and a chart helped them get the job done faster.  Their chart consists of these things: say prayers, read scriptures, make bed, brush teeth, instrument practice, homework, read, and a miscellaneous chore around the house.

During Christmas break one of the girls has a question about-- why they had to do their chores when they weren't in school.  I know I had explained to them the reason for the chart when we set it up but it was apparent they had already forgotten.  The chart is just a fun way for them to make sure that they do the things that they should eventually be doing out of habit.

It dawned on me that maybe it should be brought to their attention that mom and dad work on these same things on a daily basis.  So- I made a family chart.  It is by example that our children will learn.

I can't manage to get a better picture of the chart so this one will have to do.
Say prayers, Read Scriptures, Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Homework, and Exercise.
Along with a weekly spot for Family Home Evening and Nightly Family time with Scripture reading and Prayer.

I hope that the kids knowing that we are doing these things that they will make a bigger effort of making these things a daily part of their lives.

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