Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting read and a great find

I came across this post when I was searching the web for a product.  I loved this guys take on diet soda.  Nothing can be proven yet because studies are still in effect.  I like his approach on taking the facts... the taste, the unpronounceable ingredients, people who are "trying" to lose weight but live on the stuff.

I didn't read the whole article just bits and pieces because quite frankly I don't have a diet soda (or plain soda) drinking problem.  It is definitely an interesting read, I think, and there will always be those out there who will defend their habit.

My opinion- if you choose to drink soda.  Drink regular- and even then limit it to at least one every other day and eventually to just every once in awhile.  Quite honestly-- if you are worried about your health at all-- just don't drink it.  Water really isn't that bad.

Another little tid bit-- you can make your own kind of soda like drink a little more natural like.  If it is that burning sensation you crave.  (Yes it seems I may have a natural alternative for almost everything!)  Go here to read how.

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  1. I don't have a soda problem either but sometimes it's nice to have something beside water. I have found I love Herbal Tea Cold with a pinch of stevia in it. Lot's of times I drink it when I want to eat somethings sweet!