Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A challenge for myself...

My husband and I were talking the other day about some things that we may struggle with that we would like to overcome.  As silly as it may seem one of the things I mentioned for myself is my want to plan and shop for new meals when there is enough food in the house to make something else.  I truly love to make food- that doesn't mean I always do-I get excited about new recipes that I think will go over well with my family.  The unfortunate side is I have a very long list of new things to try and our list of our well liked regular meals is just as long.  Therefore, my cabinets end up getting filled with ingredients here and there and not always used. 

So, for the time being I have set out to make a gradual goal for myself.  I am attempting to use what we have and not go grocery shopping for as long as I can.  My sister-in-law has challenged herself, a few times, going a month with only buying milk and some produce.  I do know that I need to get bananas soon and I am sure we will need lettuce also.  When I do buy things I will only buy the minimum to keep costs down and to really experiment with the foods in our pantry and cabinets.  Fortunately, last week I did a little shopping for some new recipes so we will still have some variety.  It will be towards the end of the challenge that things may get difficult. 

What I hope to accomplish-
Prove to myself that I don't always have to go to the store.
Recognize what things we use the most and don't want to do without.
Teach myself that when I do shop to be frugal, ration, and use what I buy.
Not to have the desire to eat out as often.

I plan on challenging myself throughout the year changing up and increasing my challenge.  I hope by this time next year I will be in a position that I can have shopped, stored, preserved the majority of our food to get through the winter.  This is a lofty goal I am setting for myself but it is a year and I think I can learn and accomplish a lot in that amount of time.

I am holding myself accountable and will document at the end of the week what we ate and what I had to buy.  I will not include things like diapers and such at this time- this is just a food goal right now.

Crossing my fingers for much success and discipline.

Tomorrow I will share a yummy side dish recipe that when my husband took a bite he said, "Mmm, wow, whoa that is really good."  Indeed it was surprisingly yummy.


  1. I have thought this about us so many times! Our pantry is packed- yet I still go the store for stuff. I would only like to go buy produce and rice milk as needed. I think I will challenge myself too.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    And let me know if you ever lose the desire to go out to eat as often....I really struggle with that one!

  3. Nate and I had this exact conversation about a week ago {well probably not exact :} but I told him that I only wanted to buy produce and milk and eggs and see how far we could go for a month! I am excited to see how it goes for you!! Good luck!

  4. good girl!!! i have the EXACT same problem...only with clothes and acessories! i have found myself the past bit NOT buying things for myself and looking deep into my cloest for hidden treasures...to my surprise i really LOVE my closet FULL of clothes that are begging to be worn! silly i know...but true! :)